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Ecology Cash For Cars!

Want cash for your junk car, truck or SUV? Located in the San Marcos or surrounding areas? We buy cars, trucks and SUVs!

Who We Are

Ecology Cash for Cars is a company located in the San Marcos, California.  Paying cash for cars, trucks and SUVs is part of the vehicle recycling process. We dismantle derelict vehicles for spare parts. We are looking for individuals who need their junk cars and trucks taken off their hands, to get cash in return. Don’t haul it to the junk yard where you have to pay to dump it or the scrap dealer who pays pennies on the dollar, we have them beat! That’s right, cold hard cash for your junk car, truck, or SUV in the San Marcos area!

We are the Best in the Business.

Our customers are our priority! When it comes to selling any unwanted vehicle, we are the right place to choose. We are the best in this industry when it comes to junk car removal, we handle everything. No matter the condition of your car we can give you cash and get rid of it for you. Ecology Cash for Cars can be there often on the same day to have the car or truck picked up and taken off your hands. Its easy and we do the work while you make the money. From start to finish we do it all for you. We want your experience to be as stress free and easy as possible. We are the Go-To Guys for derelict vehicle removal. Spread the word, we are here to help and get you the cash you want for the junked car you don’t!

What Kind of Car, Truck or SUV do We Take?

You name it, we take it! Any year, any make, any model!

  • Do we take junked cars? Yes!
  • Damaged? Yes!
  • Not drivable? Yes!
  • Have a nice car you just can’t stand the sight of? Yes!
  • Car that doesn’t pass the emissions test? Yes!
  • Salvage or lost title? Yes!
  • Non-running? Yes!
  • Truck laying there in parts and you just don’t want to deal with it anymore? Yes!
  • A vehicle not named that you don’t want? Yes!
  • Located in the San Marcos or surrounding areas? Yes!

Just Call Us or Go Online for an Instant Quote!

We can help! Our team is capable in handling all your needs. We have tow trucks standing by to help with those cars, trucks or SUV that simply don’t run or cannot be driven, along with any other issues there might be. Give us a call or go online and find out how much you could be making off your junk car. Talk about easy money! Let us help you achieve your goals of getting rid of the unwanted clunkers!

Simple. Easy. No work on your part. Just pick up the phone and give us a call in San Marcos! We service San Marcos and the surrounding areas. The process is quick and easy for our San Marcos area customers! Give us a call or go online, it’s quick and simple. Ecology Cash for Cars team members will give you a price over the phone or you can go online to get an instant quote. Whichever you prefer we are here to serve you. We handle everything, come check us out!

Why Would You Get Rid of Your Junked Car Now?

Let’s face it, it has been a really tough year for almost everyone. However, you have some hidden money sitting right there! Why not get rid of it and get cash? It’s never been easier to get rid of your derelict car or truck. Summer is coming and you want the lawn back for BBQs and that drive way back for basketball practice on Saturday nights. Your significant other would like the garage back for her car, yep, time to get rid of the clunker projects and junk cars. We can get you the space you need and get rid of the nuisance cars or trucks while making you money to spend where you want and need it. You don’t want a junkyard this summer or the neighbors giving you a bad time, you want space to work and play, that is where we can help you today! San Marcos is a beautiful place to work and live, help us keep it that way and let us take that junked car or truck off your hands.

You have a car, truck, or SUV you don’t want, and are located in the San Marcos area, we have the cash and resources to get it off your hands, it really is that easy and simple. Call us today or go online for an instant quote.