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With every new day comes the challenge of keeping that broken down vehicle in your backyard. You often wonder if you will be fined for having such an eyesore camped out on your property and secretly think that it’s only a matter of time before the thing explodes taking half of your home right along with it. Why would you continue to fret about these troubles when it’s not necessary? Why not sell your unwanted car for cash today?

We are your cash for cars dealer in San Diego, California, and we want your junk vehicle!

Sell Your Junk In San Diego, CA

Every industry has that one sector devoted to seeing the good in what may appear to be a bad situation. We are that division of car buying that prides itself in taking junk cars off the hands of their sometimes frantic owners. We buy autos in any condition with the possibility of you getting paid the same day. Our way of doing things shields you from all of the crazies on Craigslist who have zero intention of buying a used car or truck.

How Our Process Works

You start the process of car selling when you inquire about our services either via telephone or through our ecology car purchasing service online. You will find that our form on the Internet is not too complicated and our staff over the phone are friendly and willing to help in any capacity possible.

Waiting for weeks to hear from a potential buyer is stressful, which is why we don’t put you through that heartache. Instead, we pretty much guarantee that we’re interested in what you have to offer and only come out to finalize the deal. Our ultimate analysis of your car or truck determines how much we are willing to pay for it. Either way, you are as sure as the day is long to receive a trade offer for your old auto

The Cash For Cars Process

It is important to us that you understand the process of buying and selling, which is why we inform all of our customers that we buy vehicles only. We are not your average dealership that markets used cars and trucks after we’ve purchased them. Your wish to rid your life of a broken down vehicle, though, is our command as giving buying old, junk and broken down automobiles is our specialty.

We should also tell you that our junk car buyers in the field make the final decision as to how much you will be paid for your old auto. Staff in our offices can only provide a flexible quote based on the information that you give either online or over the phone.